The physical and psychological health of children and adolescents is an important issue for everyone at a household, community and international level. Especially since the ill-treatment and neglect of children are becoming more apparent in our societies.

Since the signing and ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Kuwait has furthered its effort to develop plans and measures to protect children. After assessing the situation of child abuse and neglect, it is clear that there are irregular efforts from more than one institution but no effective mechanism was placed to protect the child. Therefore, the Ministry of Health initiated the formation of a national joint committee under the name of “Kuwait National Child Protection Program” in 2013. This is to establish the necessary means and measures to protect children from abuse and neglect. It includes governmental, non-governmental and civil society sectors as a collective effort to combat the violence against children.





Laying the foundations and plans necessary to protect children from abuse and neglect in Kuwait.



Providing a safe and secure environment for children, and helping children and teenagers in Kuwait achieve a stable physical, psychological, and social state.



Cooperating with various governmental and non-governmental bodies to exchange views and experiences, and implement joint programs to promote children's rights.



Provide preventive and developmental services for children and adolescents through leading and distinct programs, projects and various treatment plans aimed at achieving the highest social and psychological stability.