Terms & Conditions

The Kuwait National Child Protection Program maintains this website and its materials to provide you with information about our work and to enable you to interact with us. This agreement describes our understanding with you when you visit our website and use our materials.

Throughout this policy, you will see the term “KNCPP,” this term refers to the Kuwait National Child Protection Program.

  • KNCPP appreciates informational and educational uses of its website and materials including our name and logo. However, there are limits on the uses, including the utilization of the name and logo and links bearing the name and logo.
  • Please keep in mind that by copying and downloading material from the KNCPP website you agree to the terms and conditions outlined and any others that may be described elsewhere on our site.
    • Use of the name and logo or links may not indicate or create an impression that KNCPP endorses, approves, sponsors or is affiliated with your products, goods, services or your website.
    • Your use of the name and logo or links may not indicate or create an impression that KNCPP will benefit from the sale of any good or service.
    • The links will always be active links.
    • The name and logo or link may not be combined with any other graphic elements; nor may they be altered in any manner including size, proportions, font, design, arrangement, colors or elements; nor may they be animated, morphed or otherwise distorted in perspective or appearance.
    • The name and logo or link may not appear more prominently than your personal, company, product or service website name.
    • You will not transfer, assign, sell, reproduce, distribute or otherwise exploit the name and logo or your link to us.
    • The KNCPP name and logo or link may not appear on any pages of any websites that include content or advertising for infant formula, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, pornography, religious material, partisan material, political material or firearms.
    • Appropriate action by KNCPP may include but is not limited to, the revocation of the right to use the name and logo or any links, in which event you agree to remove the name and logo or the links within two business days of notice of revocation.
  • It is inappropriate to use the KNCPP website, our materials, including the KNCPP name and logo for illegal, inappropriate, or obscene purposes, or in support of such activities.
  • Please note that the addresses of those using the 'Contact us' facility are only retained for a reply or to be forwarded to the appropriate agencies or authorities for action. E-mail addresses are not otherwise preserved. Furthermore, e-mail addresses are not passed to any third party.
  • KNCPP can change these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting changes online under this section ``Terms and Conditions.`` Your continued use of this site after changes shows your acceptance of the modified terms.
  • KNCPP does not guarantee that the site's facilities and functions will be free from error, uninterrupted, or that the site or server that makes it available to you is free of viruses or bugs.
  • These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed by the laws of the State of Kuwait. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions in full, you must stop using this site immediately. We reserve the right to prevent you accessing this site, without prejudice to any of our other rights, if we consider that you have broken any of these Terms and Conditions.