Information System Training Program

​​​​​​​​​​​​Technical Support / Technical Development Control Section

The Management of Information Systems set up and train the technical staff in the field of information systems and computer programs in order to improve the efficiency of  Ministry of Health staff. And to improve their qualifications and equip them with the necessary expertise so as to be able to implement the programs and automated systems. This has been done through the study of the training of the various Ministry of Health views needs in accordance with the standards. It has been linked to plans and projects of modern development of the ministry, and that is why the management information systems circulate the training courses on computer plans throughout the year. Our administration are keen to include training plans and models of enrollment for those who wish to attend in accordance to  the necessity of the training. The purpose is to raise employee efficiency in order to keep pace with technical and rapid technological development.

About the technical development department:

At the top management approach to machine all departments at the Ministry of Health was the latest training programs to provide modern health and regulations of the ministry to keep up with development. The Technical Development department was established in 1992 and at the behest of the director of management information systems. The  training was limited to the trainees needs and became our perception of a comprehensive training needs for staff Ministry of Health and thus places training plans on a computer by categories and technical disciplines. The increasing demand for training centers established information management systems to train Ministry of Health staff, where they trained more than (17152) employees according to statistics in 1992 to 2014 on various training courses on computer and automated systems, as well as field training for students of the Public Authority for Applied Education and the University of Kuwait on operational systems and programs of the ministry, in order to keep pace with the rapid development.

  Training Plan for (January - June) 2020

Sample of Nominations for the Courses program

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