Criteria to Apply for Nursing Job

Essential Documents to be attached:

1. Curriculum Vitae
2. Copy of degree certificate B.S.N or Diploma after higher schooling and attested from Kuwait External Affairs with grade not less than good.
3. Transcript with topic, number of hours for all nursing subjects attested from Kuwait External Affairs.
4. Copy of higher secondary certificate attested from Kuwait External Affairs.
5. Copy of valid nursing License from your country.
6. Copy of passport, photos (4) with size (4x6) and copy of residence page.
7. Copy of experience certificate attested from your country. 
8. Copy of BLS certificate.
9. Copy of To Whomsoever letter from the previous workplace.
10. Diploma should be from either public Authority for applied Education and training or any Approved institutions by Kuwait higher education.
11. Copy of No Objection Certificate from the previous employer.

Criteria for Application:

1. Applicant must have valid residence, other visas like visit or servant will not be accepted.
2. Visa No (18) must have job as a nurse and the employer agreeing to transfer the residence to Ministry of Health, cancellation and transfer of nursing license to Ministry of Health or Visa No (22).
3. Able to speak and Write in English. 
4. Experience for BSN not less than (3 years) and Diploma (4 years).
5. Age limit female not more than (35 years) male not more than (40 years) and male and female not less than (25 years ).
6. Medically fit.
7. Pass the written exam and interview.
8. Certificate needs to be either in English or Arabic.
9. Application needs to be submitted by the concern individual who in applying for the job

  Please send documents to :