The first cardiac catheterization operation was carried out after the operation of the internal cardiac unit at Jaber Hospital, said Dr. Al-Daraa in a press statement. The operation was conducted by a representative of Jaber Al-Ahmad Hospital, The ministry is Dr. Mostafa Reda, Head of Heart Unit and Medical Team at Jaber Hospital Dr. Fawzia Al-Kandari. He pointed out that the completion of the operation of the first phase in the hospital was more than two months and was started immediately after the second phase of the hospital, which includes the expansion of services and capacities to reach 55 percent by the end of this year. 

He pointed out that the operation of the third phase of the hospital will start at the beginning of next year and will continue for one year to complete the clinical and service capacity of the hospital, pointing out that other areas will be added gradually and gradually as decisions are issued. 

He praised the efforts exerted by all the staff of the hospital from doctors, nurses, technicians and engineering and administrative cadres during the past period and their ability to overcome the difficulties during the implementation of the work and implement the plan of the ministry as required.