Health Minister Sheikh Bassel Hamoud Al-Sabah on Monday issued a ministerial decree to amend the provisions of the treatment list abroad to ensure that he is entitled to it.

The ministry said in a press release that the new regulation specifies cases in which the sending of citizens is limited to treatment abroad.

She explained that the list of those cases diagnosed with cancer, critical cases and incurable and non-surgical surgery is difficult for adults and children, which decides the Higher Medical Committee for treatment abroad, due to lack of treatment in the hospitals and centers of the ministry.

The submission of the request is made by the patient in his / her hospital or where he / she is treated. The application is referred to the specialized committee for the patient's interview the specialized committee should recommend the completion of the treatment plan for the patient in Kuwait through the development of a treatment plan must be committed to the patient or recommend the Committee to introduce the patient to the Higher Medical Committee for treatment abroad to determine the eligibility of the patient for external treatment or not.