Radiation Protection Department

The Radiation Protection Department specializes in the protection and prevention of ionizing radiation and radiation Non-ionizing and issuing licenses in Kuwait


Request for a personal license to work in the radiation field

Before you apply for a new license please provide the following documents during the interview. Please check with the Radiation Protection Department within one week of applying for a license on the site

  • 1.Officialletter from the employer addressed to the Radiation Protection Department, requesting to be issued a personal license. The letter should include the name of the person, profession, scope of work and type of devices / sources that will be handled by the applicant in the field of ionizing radiation.
  • 2.Application form for personal license in the field of ionizing radiation, duly filled and signed by the applicant
  • 3.Three personal photographs of 3x4 cm’s.
  • 4.Copy of the receipt of fees paid (KD. 5 for new license).
  • 5.Copy of civil ID or an commitment to submit the same when collecting the license.
  • 6.Copy of the residence permit page in the passport.
  • 7.Authenticated qualification certificates with dates.
  • 8.Training course certificates in the field of ionizing radiation, if available.
  • 9.License of practicing profession from the concerned authority.
  • 10.Previous experience certificates with periods of employment.
  • 11.Previous radiation dose records, if available.

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